1. Get Airline Elite Status

Most airlines allow at least their mid-tier and high-tier elites to access the priority security lines, so you can join first-class passengers at security even if you’re not flying up front.

2. Sign-up for TSA PreCheck

With it, you’ll get access to an expedited security line, as well as reduced security measures.

3. Fly a Premium Class

Other than flying in a premium class giving you an enhanced in-flight experience, you’ll also be whisked away to your business or first-class seat faster just for having that ticket.

4. Get CLEAR Expedited Security

CLEAR is one of the latest innovative programs created to expedite the security screening process — and it’s continuing its expansion to new airports.

5. Dress Appropriately

Use common sense when you’re picking out your airport attire.

6. Know the Rules

Remember that a laptop must be removed from its case and placed in its own bin, unless you’re in a PreCheck lane. Make sure that any liquids in your carry-on bag are in a clear plastic bag (you can read the rules for the TSA’s 3-1-1 policy here).

7. Monitor Wait Times at Your Airport

Apps such as MiFlight and GateGuru will keep you updated on real-time estimated security waiting times at the airport you’re departing from.

8. Check your Bag

You could save yourself some time in the security line by checking a bag at the counter.

9. Be Friendly

This can actually go a lot further than you might think. Most often, the agents manning the priority security lines are independent airport contract workers and sometimes even TSA agents.

10. Fly at the Right Time

Avoid choosing flights that depart at peak travel times such as Friday afternoons between 4 and 8pm, as business travelers are heading home from their work weeks and leisure travelers are heading out for weekend trips.


Learn more about these tips here: http://bit.ly/2q8g8n8

Original article published by The Points Guy.

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