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DFW Car Service Provides List of Places to Celebrate the 4th in Dallas

Posted by Katy Golden

Jul 2, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Learn about the best places to celebrate the 4th of July from this comprehensive list compiled by DFW car service Premier Transportation.

There’s nothing that really says summer quite like a summer evening filled with fireworks to celebrate America’s Independence Day. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has many great activities to commemorate this holiday. Whether you attend parades, concerts, or barbecues, you're sure to see your fair share of fireworks this Fourth of July. Whatever you decide to do to celebrate the Fourth, keep in mind that fines of up to $2,000 can be incurred for shooting off fireworks in some city neighborhoods. Read on to discover this DFW car service’s list of places to celebrate the Fourth of July in Dallas.

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Premier Transportation Participates in Market Street Allen USA Celebration

Posted by Katy Golden

Jun 25, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Premier Transportation contributes to the 20th annual Market Street Allen USA Celebration.

One of the great things about summer is that there is always something to do. Whether you’re spending time in your pool, traveling to cooler climates, or enjoying a barbeque with friends and family, there is always something going on in DFW. This weekend, on the 27th, the city of Allen will host their 20th annual Market Street Allen USA Celebration. They expect large crowds, wonderful music, fantastic booths, and plenty more for their 20th Celebration. Read on to discover what all you can see at the Market Street Allen USA Celebration and how Premier Transportation can help you see it!

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Best Places in Dallas to Cool Off with a Refreshing Swim

Posted by Laurie Johnson

Aug 7, 2013 12:00:00 PM


Whether you're a Dallas native, or visiting Texas for the first time, you know it's HOT this time of year.  To help you cool off, we have a solution: the best swimming holes in Dallas. Concrete swimming holes that is. These pools aren’t necessarily advertised but we’ve scoped them out for you. You can spend an afternoon, an early evening, or even an after-dinner swim at some of them.  
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Don't Miss These 5 Things To Do In Dallas

Posted by Laurie Johnson

Apr 16, 2013 12:00:00 PM

Fun Things To Do In Dallas

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Creative Idea for Dallas Limousine Service Shopping at Galleria Dallas

Posted by Eric Devlin

Dec 11, 2012 12:00:00 PM

Creative Ideas for Limousine Service in Dallas: Shopping at Galleria Dallas

This is the third article in our series “Creative Ideas for Limousine Services in Dallas: More than Just Proms and Weddings!” Each article in this series provides the reader with ideas for thinking outside the box for using limousine service and party bus service in Dallas, North Texas, and the DFW Metroplex.

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Over the River and Through the Woods Limo Bus Style

Posted by Laurie Johnson

Nov 28, 2012 12:00:00 PM

Great Holiday Party Ideas - A Dallas Party Bus

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Creative Ideas for Limousine Service in Dallas

Posted by Eric Devlin

Nov 16, 2012 12:00:00 PM

Take a Tour of East Texas in the Fall

This is Part 2 in our series “Creative Ideas for Limousine Service in Dallas: More than Just Proms and Weddings”. Each article in the series will give you ideas for thinking outside the box for using limousine service and limo bus service in Dallas, North Texas, and the DFW Metroplex. 
Are you looking for a fun Thanksgiving week activity for your family? Consider something unique that will especially delight out of town visitors: an East Texas fall foliage tour. 
You do not have to go to New England to see beautiful fall foliage. Less than 2 hours from Dallas, in the  Piney Woods of East Texas, there are a number of scenic drives featuring hardwood trees in magnificent display of yellow, orange, and red leaves. In November, you can expect to see maples, oaks, gum trees, and others coming into their peak. 
With limousine service via a Premier sedan or limo bus, even the person who usually does the driving can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Premier Transportation can accommodate a group of any size in comfort and style, whether you are a couple wanting a quiet romantic day trip or a rowdy extended family looking for a way to get everyone out of the house.
To see photos of the beautiful fall foliage of East Texas, visit  Tyler Texas Online. This page will also give you information about recommended drives. 
For all of your holiday limousine service, sedan, or limo bus needs, remember that Premier Transportation is here 24/7 to serve your family’s chauffeured transportation needs. 
Photo Credit: Seen in Flickr - Ed Schipul
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Safety First for Prom Service Passengers

Posted by Laurie Johnson

Mar 23, 2012 10:52:00 AM

Discover how Premier Transportation provides the safest prom service for your teenagers.

Prom Season is a busy time here at Premier Transportation. We look forward to this time every year, however, because it brings the challenge and excitement of getting teenagers to a very special event. Prom is a milestone for young adults. It is the last high school dance for seniors, and a special place to be for those who are invited. Each Prom trip is unique, just as each prom is unique.  We are delighted to be a part of this experience for many teenagers, and we understand that this special event calls for special service. Our job is to make sure that, no matter what the reservation calls for, we always provide the safest and most reliable prom service possible. Read on to discover how our prom service is different from others!


The DFW metroplex has hundreds of schools, which means hundreds of proms each year. We are delighted to be able to pick up and transport prom-goers from all over the metroplex and beyond! Whether we are picking up teens in Tyler, Royce City, Weatherford, Dallas, Keller, or anywhere else, we are happy to provide the best service possible for them. On many occasions, prom-goers want to be transported to a dinner before the dance and then to any parties after the dance. Whether these locations are close by or miles apart, we are happy to provide the perfect prom service.

 In the past, we have had a number of prom parties occur at ranches around the DFW area, which turn into overnight events.  We transport our teenage passengers from the prom venue to the ranch, and travel back the next day to bring them home.  This is always a memorable and exciting experience for our prom customers.


For our staff and chauffeurs, it's an important responsibility to transport teens to their prom, and it is definitely one that we take very seriously.  Our top priority is always the safety of our passengers, and this is never more important than during prom season. The teenagers in our vehicles have their whole lives ahead of them. We understand that prom is a celebratory closing of a chapter of their lives, and we want them to be able to celebrate safely. When teenagers enter our vehicles, they become our responsibility and we understand that means transporting them as safely as possible to their destinations. We are always going to provide the best, safest prom service possible for them.

We choose all our chauffeurs very carefully. They must undergo rigorous background checks and training before they are allowed to drive for us. We do this in order to provide only the best drivers possible for these special occasions. Additionally, we perform regular, rigorous maintenance on our vehicles to make sure that they are safe for our clients. This means that teens who ride in our vehicles will be riding in safety.

As important events go, prom is a huge one for teens. We understand how much it means to them to commemorate this special occasion by riding in fantastic vehicles. We look forward to providing prom transportation for your family! We thank you for the opportunity to help create a memorable prom experience for you and your teens. In order to obtain the prom transportation safety regulations, click on the button below!

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Photo Credit: Flickr - Mitchell Joyce
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Prom Transportation Safety is Our Priority

Posted by Eric Devlin

Mar 29, 2011 10:57:00 AM

Use a company you trust to provide prom transportation safety!


During prom season, your high school teens are focused on the fun and excitement of prom. They are thinking about dressing up in formal gowns and tuxes, their special flowers, dancing, and, of course, the ride in an extraordinary vehicle. Parents, however, are thinking about different things. They are focused on the safety of their children. Parents are often especially concerned during prom season due to the prevalence of alcohol at some high school events.  At Premier, we understand that your concern for your children begins the moment they leave your home on prom night. Our focus is on delivering your young people to their destination on time and making sure the parents and teenagers understand and follow the rules and processes for proper prom transportation safety. 

As always, our highest priority and commitment to all our prom customers is getting our passengers to and from the event safely. They will arrive in style and return home in safety. For this reason, we have prepared a set of regulations that we use whenever we transport minors.  We've developed this policy to help ensure that your teenager's prom experience is both safe and enjoyable.  In addition, our policies regarding drugs and alcohol comply with Texas State laws.

Because prom transportation safety is extremely important to us, we require the parents of our prom customers to review and sign our prom regulation form. This form outlines all our policies and describes our responses if those policies are violated. When you contact us to reserve a limousine, limo bus or other vehicle for your teenager's prom, you can be sure that we take our responsibility to you and to our passengers very seriously.

We require the signature from the parents or guardians of our prom customers, but we also conduct other services in order to insure that your high school teens are in the best care possible. For example, we regularly service our vehicles to make sure they are in top condition when we pick up your teens. The vehicles are always kept clean and are up-to-date on their insurance and inspections. The driver remains at the prom site for the entire event so you don’t have to worry about your children waiting on the driver to return and pick them up. The gratuity for the chauffeur, tolls, taxes, and mileage are all included in the final price of the limousine, so the teens can focus on the fun of being in a great vehicle.

We also provide chauffeurs of only the highest caliber. We thoroughly screen, background check, and drug test our chauffeurs in order to provide the safest drivers for these special events. Your teens will be driven by a safe, experienced chauffeur who will make sure they have a great time while staying safe. The vehicles they will be driven in will be latest-model vehicles in order to ensure the stylish image that they want as well as the safety that you want for them. Premier Transportation is dedicated to using late-model vehicles in order to provide transportation that is stylish and safe.

 We understand that proms are an important event in teen’s lives, and we know how much it means to them to commemorate this special occasion by riding in a fantastic vehicle. We look forward to providing prom transportation for your family! Maybe Mom and Dad can take a spin in the limousine while the kids are at the dance. We thank you for the opportunity to help create a memorable prom experience for you and your teens. In order to obtain the prom transportation safety regulations, click on the button below!



Prom Transportation Safety

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