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Top 5 Spring Wedding Trends

Posted by Katy Golden

Mar 15, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Embrace Spring wedding trends for your wedding in this comprehensive list of upcoming spring wedding trends!


April, May, and June have often been touted as the perfect months to get married. In Texas, these are the months of still-cool but not cold weather, making outdoor ceremonies perfect. Spring weddings are always gorgeous, always fun, and definitely a trend. If you’re thinking about having a spring wedding, read our comprehensive list of upcoming spring wedding trends to make sure that your wedding is as incredible as you’ve always dreamed it could be!

Trend #1: Greenery Everywhere

It’s spring, which means flowers are blooming and greenery is so in. For spring 2017, you’ll see simple arrangements of leaves, branches, or palms, inserting lots of greenery with minimalist vibes. For a more dramatic effect, consider incorporating a canopy of greenery that hands high above guests’ heads. There will be vines draped on chairs, leaves topping cakes, edible flowers embedded in cookies, and gorgeously leafy table runners. Green is so in this spring that it’s even becoming the main color for many wedding color schemes- whether that’s a touch of an olive bow to an invitation or the new favorite bridesmaid dress color. Greenery is going to be everywhere this spring, which is wonderful because it is both cost effective and elegant. It is the perfect touch for any spring wedding, since photos will capture the essence of youth and growth that will be a part of your wedding day.

Trend #2: Sustainable Favors

As part of the spring theme, you will see plenty of sustainable favors at weddings. Whether it’s tiny potted succulents, seeds to the couple’s favorite flowers, or even roots of their favorite herb for you to plant and grow your own. Tiny flowers are definitely becoming a sustainable favor of choice because they are so representative of spring and make a great gift! Many couples want to be a part of a green wedding, and make environmentally friendly decisions. Sustainable favors are a fantastic, favorite trend because they are sentimental and a lasting reminder of your nuptials. From mini gardens to elegant edibles, there are plenty of wonderful sustainable favors out there for any Green Bride.

Trend #3: Surprise Settings

Couples today don’t want the same-old venues that their friends have been married in, or even their parents. They want to surprise and impress guests with a memory of a party and a place they will never forget. An unforgettable event has an incredible choice of venue, making surprise settings a major trend for all of 2017, but especially for spring when weather makes so many new areas available. Couples will use a fascinating setting to really get creative and allow them to personalize their wedding or tell their unique story. There’s nothing that quite gives off the uniqueness of the couple like a surprise or special setting. Since we’re talking about spring wedding trends in particular, you’ll be sure to attend weddings this spring that are set outdoors. Couples will be sure to take advantage of the gorgeous Texas weather and hold their festivities outdoors, under sweeping canopies or airy tents. The focus will be on incorporating the great weather and scenery within their wedding.

Trend #4: Muted and Modern

While pastel is the typical pallet for a spring wedding, expect to see some muted dark colors to offset the Easter egg colors. Expect some lovely metallic tones as well. Rose gold, in particular will offset the creams, mauves, and mints of this season. The garden-focused muted colors will really be brought out by a single darker tone. The darker tones chosen this season are likely to be burgundy, navy, or mauve. They will offset and highlight the other focal colors, which will likely be seen in the bridesmaid dresses or centerpieces. The mix of muted and dark and metallic colors will result in a very modern look. One of the preferred muted colors for this spring will be a light grey. Grey works well with most colors, making it the perfect muted blend.

Trend #5: Airy Invitations

To keep with the spring theme, invitations will indicate the airy nature of the wedding. Expect many more watercolor wedding invitations to emerge declaring spring weddings. These gorgeous invitations will be reflective of the theme of the wedding. You can expect these invitations to be made with heavier stock and the water color to differ from invitation to invitation, creating a unique handmade look. Many watercolor invitations are indeed handmade, making them a special and unique touch for each wedding. The watercolor theme may continue throughout the wedding with watercolor touched programs, menus, and table numbers. Watercolor can come across as either rustic or elegant depending on the style, making it a versatile look for this spring.

If you’re looking for ways to stay on trend and impress your guests, don’t forget to book your wedding transportation as well! Guests will appreciate not having to drive from their hotels to the wedding ceremony and reception, and you will be able to ensure all your guests are safely taken home! If you’re curious about wedding transportation, be sure to download our FREE Wedding Transportation Checklist by click on the button below!

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