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Tips to Make Business Traveling Easier

Posted by Katy Golden

Feb 23, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Discover some traveling hacks to make business travel easier!


Whether you’ll be gone for a week or a month, traveling for business can be draining. Passing through airport security, getting on and off planes, checking in to hotels, and trying to work all the while is always stressful. As a major component of business travel, Premier Transportation has several tips to make business traveling easier! Read on to discover our list of traveling hacks for the busy business traveler.

Stay Healthy

When you travel frequently, you are consistently exposing yourself to different sets of people, which can lend to the spread of viruses or colds. Anything you can do to prevent the spread of germs will make your life so much easier. Traveling while sick is one of the most miserable experiences, so taking precautions to stay healthy will make traveling for business so much easier. Consistently wash your hands, especially after being at the airport or on an airplane, where thousands of people pass through each day. Be sure to focus on upping your consumption of vitamin C, especially leading up to trips. Get plenty of sleep, and ask your doctor if there is anything specific you can take or do to prevent illnesses while traveling.

Make a Mini Mobile Office

You want to make sure that you stay connected with the office while you’re traveling. One of the easiest ways to stay connected is to create a mini mobile office. Make sure you have a travel office kit with all the basic office equipment in it. No matter where you are – at the airport, in a taxi, at the reception at the client's office – you need to be able to carry on with your work. If you mostly work on your phone while traveling, be sure that you have multiple charging cables in easily accessible places for when your battery is drained. Be sure to power up your devices for the flight ahead!

Make Airport Security Fly By

 One of the most annoying and difficult parts of traveling for business is airport security. If you’re a frequent traveler, it might be worth it to splurge on premier status to get into a premier line, or to purchase a TSA PreCheck, which is a quicker way through airport security screening, faster moving lines, and an overall improved travel experience. Everyone knows the tip of having your ID and boarding pass out when you walk through security, but you should also ask agents which line they think will move the fastest. If you can get in line behind more solo business travelers like yourself, the line is likely to move faster!

Network, Network, Network

Networking is one of the key factors to business growth. Networking on trips helps in expanding your network and having connections in newer, prospective markets. Business travel can be rushed with a tight schedule. But don't let the opportunity to network slip away. Plan your schedule to include a day solely for networking. You can host meetings with local colleagues, get coffee with new connections, or discover the best places to host future meetings and events. Networking is such an important part of both business and personal growth, so be sure to include time for it in your schedule.

Travel Light

Most frequent business travelers know this trip but it’s so important that it can’t hurt to emphasize it yet again. Luggage is one of the most annoying parts of traveling, especially when you’re worried about lost luggage or being late to a meeting. Carrying as little luggage as possible will definitely make traveling easier. If you limit your luggage to a carry-on you will be able to check in for your flight online and go straight to security at the airport. You won’t be worried about luggage getting lost or broken since you will be in charge of it. Frequent business travelers have become expert packers, and have learned the best ways to bring what they need without compromising. When you arrive at the hotel, get your clothes out of your bag and give your suits and shirts a press if needed. Leave the other items in your bag so you can quickly pack your clothes when you’re ready to leave. This will save you valuable packing time.

Earn Your Rewards

Remember to pick a rewards program and try to stick with it. Try to fly the same airlines in order to accumulate your flying miles, or book the same hotel chain to earn reward points with them as well. Members of rewards and loyalty programs often receive early boarding on flights, priority hotel rooms, and first-class upgrades. As a bonus, if staff notices you frequently patronize their airline, rental-car company or hotel, they are more likely to help you. Rewards programs are everywhere: airlines, hotels, and even some transportation companies. Be sure to book with companies that are more likely to reward you and upgrade you, thereby making your traveling easier.

Explore the Area

You’re in a new area! You should explore it and get out of your hotel room as much as possible. Avoid the TV in the hotel room and go for a walk in the city. Getting familiar with the area will help you if you need to return to this city for whatever reason and will help you seem knowledgeable when you network with colleagues and new connections. Make traveling easier by checking out tourist travel books and discovering the best ways to get around the city, whether that’s by walking or taking a vehicle. Exploring new areas is one of the benefits to traveling for business. Just because you have meetings to take and people to meet doesn’t mean you don’t also get to explore the city and find the best places to eat or the coolest museums to explore!

Travel can be enjoyable and rewarding if you remember to do the right things at the right time. Like for anything else, travel, too, requires thought and or preparation. Follow the tips we’ve shared for a wonderful travel experience. If you’d like more business traveler tips, download our FREE business travel packing list by clicking on the button below!
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