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Tips on Winter Business Travel

Posted by Katy Golden

Nov 29, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Winter business travel can be a pain, but you can reduce your stress with these tips!


Business travelers know that travel doesn’t end just because the weather has changed. Traveling is already stressful, but adding on the winter woes of travel like traffic, delayed flights, and the increased chances of falling ill can make traveling a true ordeal. If you’re going to be traveling for business this winter, read our list of travel tips for getting through this season!

Frequently Check the Forecast

If you can, download a weather app onto your phone that you like and trust. This will keep you apprised of any changes and help you to pack properly. It is especially important for you to check the weather frequently for your destination. Being aware of incoming storms, road conditions, airport congestion will give you the opportunity to plan for your trip better and allow you to make a contingency plan just in case anything goes wrong.  If there is a big storm heading to the area, call the airlines a day or two ahead of your current scheduled travel date and offer to help them and yourself by rebooking your flight prior to the storm. Many airlines will appreciate this proactive gesture since it helps them save the chaos of canceled flights and rescheduled passengers.  

Planning ahead works equally well when business travel involves a road trip instead of a flight. If you’re driving somewhere, check the long-range forecast.  If a storm is moving through, plan to go in front of it or behind it, but stay off the roads during the storm. You can also vary my route if one highway looks worse than another.

Pack Appropriately

The easiest thing to do to help yourself when prepping for winter business travel is to pack appropriately. If you’re visiting a state like Texas where the weather can start out very cold in the morning and end up sunny and warm by the afternoon, remember to pack layers. While business travelers prefer to pack light in order to make their lives easier, winter is the time of year when keeping essentials in the bag is more important than having a lightweight suitcase.

Packing in the winter can be tricky because you still want to carry on your suitcase, but sweaters, coats, and boots are heavy and bulky! Remember, two thinner layers take up less room than one thick layer so stick with layers. If you want to keep your suitcase light, consider wearing your bulkiest items. As long as your boots are easy to get on and off, wear them to the airport. If you have room in your suitcase for your coat, great! If not, wear it and then place it on top of your carry-on in the overhead bin. Be sure to wear all your items more than once on your trip to save room since sweaters are going to be bulkier. Mix things up and change out your accessories to make new outfits.  Take commuting shoes. You will need to bring snow-friendly shoes or boots for commuting, then have the ability to change into your other shoes once you get to the office. As always, there are several more outfits that could be made with the clothing you’ve packed, so pack appropriately!

Stay Healthy

Apart from it being unpleasant, being cold lowers the immune system. Once the immune system is weakened, it becomes vulnerable to germs. Your body is already susceptible to illnesses in the winter, and adding travel on top of that will strain your body further. Plus, if you’re flying, you’ll be in an area where thousands of people travel through each day, which increases your chances to get sick. Hand sanitizer is great for surface germs, but does little for airborne ones so feel free to bring it but keep in mind that you may be contracting germs anyway. The simple act of wearing warm clothes prevents compromising the immune system, which will help you stay healthy.

Also, don’t forget to wash your hands all the time. You will be a lot less sickly if you wash your hands frequently. Wash your hands every time you enter an office, before you eat anytime, before you go to bed and then any other time you touch anything publicly available. Prior to your trip, start taking increasing your vitamin C intake and focus on getting good rest before you’re traveling and while you’re traveling.

Be Flexible & Be Prepared

Sometimes the best way to deal with a winter storm is to get around it. Don’t assume you have to stay on the same airline to get where you are going.  Maybe you can’t get to your destination, but you can get to an airport 50 miles away by looking for options on available flights. Research alternatives before a trip so you can put your contingency plan into action quickly.

Veteran travelers say they pack as if they’re going to get sidetracked by weather. It’s always a good idea to keep clothing and other essential items with you in a carryon.  If you are stuck in an unplanned city, it’s nice to be able to change your clothes, shower, shave, and brush your teeth!  Whatever happens, try to avoid getting stressed about it. After all, delayed or cancelled flights are simply a part of the winter season and therefore a part of winter business travel.

If you’re looking to book winter business travel, be sure to check out our FREE business travelers checklist by clicking on the button below. One easy way to make sure that you get wherever you need to go during the busy winter traveling season is to rely on a company like Premier Transportation to make sure you get to your flight or meeting on time and in safety. Be sure to book your transportation in advance so you don’t have to worry about people missing their flights grabbing up transportation to the next airport over!

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