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Figuring Out Transportation for Super Bowl LI

Posted by Katy Golden

Dec 8, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Discover what you need to know to book your transportation for Super Bowl LI!superbowl-transportation.jpg

The Super Bowl is coming up fast, and this year it will be hosted in Houston, TX. The game will be on February 5th, 2017, and the earlier you can prepare for the Super Bowl the better! Over the years, Premier Transportation has assisted many clients with booking transportation for the Super Bowl all over the United States. The upcoming Super Bowl LI in Houston, TX is going to be a special one! Read on to discover information you will need to know for booking your transportation to the Super Bowl!

Vehicle Options

Our entire fleet is at the disposal of our clients as they plan on heading to Houston for the Super Bowl. Some clients prefer to book mini buses, and others just want a sedan for the weekend. Most clients, however, prefer to book SUVs or Sprinter Vans. These vehicles are large enough to be comfy during long drives but also small enough to easily navigate in traffic. Many clients prefer to book vehicles that they will be able to share with friends or family who are accompanying them to the Super Bowl LI. If you’d rather get a large group together and make this truly an experience that you will never forget, you can always book one of our gorgeous, new coach buses and head down to Houston with a group of fifty of your closest friends. You’ll be in the lap of luxury on one of these buses!


Transportation companies preparing for the Super Bowl are greatly increasing the hourly minimums that they normally charge due to high demand. Premier Transportation’s reservations are increasing their minimums to a minimum of a four-day reservation. Due to the amount of increased demand, this type of reservation makes the most sense. We would highly recommend that customers book their Super Bowl transportation as soon as possible. The earlier you can book your transportation, the more likely you are to get the vehicle that you want, or to get transportation at all! Bigger vehicles will be booked up quickly, like hotel rooms. Whenever you book your lodging for the weekend, be sure to call Premier Transportation and book your Super Bowl transportation as well.

Flying versus Driving

Some Super Bowl attendees are flying into Houston, while others are flying in to DFW and driving over. The distance from Dallas to Houston is 239 miles, which is roughly 3.5 hours driving. The flight from DFW to Houston is 1hr and 10 minutes, but prices are spiking for flights over Super Bowl weekend also. Whether you choose to fly to Houston and be picked up at the airport or to be driven to Houston from the DFW metroplex, Premier Transportation has you covered. If you drive to Houston instead of flying, you take care of the four day minimum easily! You will have privately chauffeured transportation all over Houston and then be taken back to DFW after the game and activities are over!

Reasons to Book Transportation

  • Parking- parking at the stadium is going to be extremely stressful and difficult. Remove the stress and worry of finding parking or making sure no one will ding your car! Don’t stress about trying to find your car after the events and game. Simply book private transportation and all your parking woes are gone.
  • Paying for Parking- wherever you go while you’re in Houston, you will likely have to pay for parking, either by meter or by purchasing a parking spot on a pre-paid parking app. Don’t pay for parking anywhere you go
  • Traffic- dealing with traffic is always frustrating, but dealing with traffic during Super Bowl weekend in Houston is going to truly be a nightmare. Go with a trusted transportation company that can take you wherever you need to go safely and in style, without having the headaches that come with fighting through traffic. Spend that time with friends or family instead
  • An Unfamiliar City- when you don’t know the city, it can be hard to find great restaurants, the perfect back road route, or the best way to get to your event. Premier Transportation can take care of all of that for you. As a ground transportation company, we know how to get you to the best places in Houston on the fastest routes!

However you decide to get to Houston, Premier Transportation is here for you. Whether you’d like to fly in and have a chauffeur take you to your hotel, or have a driver shuttle you to and from DFW and Houston and back, we’ve got you covered. Our vehicles are already being booked, so be sure to call us and make your reservation today!

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